Celebrating Mother’s Day with My Girls


I got to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend in Palm Desert with my family. Our friends joined us to create a giant party crew of six families and the moms were able to sneak away for a boozy brunch, massage and tons of laughs! It couldn’t be any more perfect than that.

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I’ve always been blessed with the presence of wonderful women in my life. My mom was a single mom who worked tirelessly to support me and my sister and she showered us with love and affection to counteract any void from growing up without a dad. She was my first example of how a woman should be – independent, hard working, responsible and loving.

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My girlfriends are inspirational too. I met most of them when I was young and silly and that gave me the opportunity to witness a beautiful metamorphosis in which sweet girls grew up to be kind, creative and capable women.

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I admire my friends who have the heart to adopt a little boy from China and create a loving home for him. Friends who take the initiative (and risk) to hit the pause button on a law career to work in a kitchen. Friends who are moms with demanding careers who manage to enjoy action-packed weekends centered around their children. Friends who have the guts, determination and energy to chase dreams and build new careers, even if that means waking up at 5am every morning to get the kids ready for school and get to work on time.

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They are thinkers, do-ers, fun-loving gals. Best of all, they are kind, considerate and extremely generous through words and actions. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by these gals and hope to meet more inspirational women on my journey. :)



Decompressing in Scottsdale


Last month, hubby had to visit Scottsdale for work and I decided to tag along without the kids. It was a quick 2 day trip but exactly the break that I needed!


I am no stranger to hard work. I spent nearly a decade working in finance and law jobs with schedules that were sometimes brutal. When I was pregnant with my first, everyone warned me how hard it is to be a mom but I felt abundantly confident and capable going in. No sweat, I thought, I got this.


What I didn’t know back then is that being a mom is a nonstop job. You can never clock out! Especially with two kids (or more), the breaks are few and far between. Someone always needs something at any hour of the day (how about that 4AM nosebleed?).


Even the best moms need to take breaks. In fact, I think the best moms are absolutely taking breaks! In Scottsdale, I indulged in a 2 hour brunch buffet followed by early happy hour followed by a dip in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine in one hand and my kindle in the other. All by myself! It was the best kind of vacation for an overworked mom.

And at the end of the trip, I missed my kids so much that I rushed back home to smother them with kisses.

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Being a Good Friend to Myself


I read an article recently about the positive effects of being a good friend to yourself when looking for a new job. According to the article, those who give themselves pep talks and words of consolation after failed attempts are likelier to bounce back and feel more confident for the next interview, which ultimately improves their chances of getting that job!


I thought about this and being a good friend to yourself is a great practice in other areas of life. Maybe just life in general. It never occurred to me to consciously do nice things for myself or say encouraging things to myself when I am going through a tough time. I’ve been blessed with a good support system but it doesn’t hurt to have another cheerleader on my team, especially someone who knows exactly what my life is like or what I am feeling or experiencing at all times.

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As a mother, I am busy taking care of my little ones and, if time and energy permit, my husband. I am, at best, a distant fourth on my list of priorities. A friend recently advised me to take good care of myself too and I am beginning to understand that this means being a good friend to that woman in fourth place.

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As a good friend, I would tell myself that… It’s OK to let the dishes pile up while I sneak away to a yoga class. It’s OK to let my kids watch TV so that I can enjoy some quiet time. It’s OK to let a fussy baby fighting naptime cry in his crib so that I can eat my lunch (which is usually my first meal of the day). It’s OK to not love everything about motherhood and think that sometimes, the hardships are greater than the joys. Because sometimes, they are.

And I would also say you’re doing great babe! coupled with this too shall pass! I would say these a lot because if you are like me, moments of guilt, shame or doubt arise fairly frequently and a strong support system is absolutely necessary, if not critical, for navigating these choppy waters.

Life gives us plenty of challenges to grow up to become better people. It’s impossible to face these challenges without the support of those who love us. I just want to remind you (and myself) that giving yourself a little TLC is something that you need to do today.

And every day.

Happy Friday and V-day weekend my loves!


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My Energetic Boys


My boys are full of energy. The big one has always been a ball of fire but the little one is kicking it up a notch too and I am trying my darndest to keep up. My boys play hard.


I hear it only gets worse? Maybe worse is not quite the right word… more vigorous. Gosh, I feel tired just thinking about energy levels spiking to new heights in the near future. :( Can this momma handle it? Two boys with feet like little motors that drive and crash all day long? Rough-and-tumble playtime that often leads to scrapes and bruises and sometimes, bloody noses? Nonstop fun and games. Action, action, action!


I don’t know guys. I’m not sure I signed up for this. They’re awfully cute but I must admit that perhaps my favorite part of the day is when I get to admire their still and silent shapes while sleeping soundly or, when daddy plays with them and mommy gets a break. :P

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Merry Christmas from Lake Tahoe


The last few winters in LA have been so warm and dry, we were determined to find snow for our Christmas celebration this year….


We hit the jackpot in Lake Tahoe!


Some of us loved the snow so much that we did the happy dance with snow up to our knees. :)


For others, the snow was a wonderful thing but very cold and wet and slippery for little legs that are barely walking.


Happy or sad, delightful or cold, this was our very first white Christmas as a family of four and for that, it was a special one to remember.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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