Family Hike in Point Dume Malibu

Over spring break, we took the kids to Point Dume Malibu for a gorgeous hike and it made me remember why I love living in LA.

We live in west LA. The traffic is so bad that it takes 30 minutes to an hour to visit anywhere in the city. It’s also really expensive to live here. Really expensive. When we bought our little house right before Lucas was born, we planned to live here for 5 years tops. A starter home, we thought. Well, we’re reaching 8 years now so I guess we’re on a 10 year plan?

We know plenty of people who moved to the suburbs when they started raising families. When we hear about great school districts and how much more house you can buy with the same amount of money, it’s very tempting. But I grew up in LA. I was here before Koreatown was sprawling and Downtown was cool. Before there was the Grove and traffic was ever an issue. It’s been fascinating to see neighborhoods develop with distinct personalities. The vibe visibly changes when you step into WeHo from Beverly Hills or Abbott Kinney from Santa Monica.

I’ve visited many vibrant and beautiful cities in the world but I am grateful to call LA my home. I truly love this city that has grown up with me. I think this is the reason why we toughed it out all these years, battling traffic (even on weekends) and living in a small house while expanding our family. Sure, when the kids were babies, we rarely got out. But there was always the hope that they’ll grow up and we can enjoy living in this city again, as a family. And we’re almost there!

For spring break, we decided to be tourists in our own city. Malibu is one of my favorite places to visit but it can be a trek on sunny weekends when beachbound traffic creates a jam. A quiet weekday is ideal to visit with the little ones. The atmosphere is laid-back and the views are what California dreams are made of! There are some epic hikes up and down the coast, including scenic strolls right along the beach. Our boys are starting to join us on hikes so we have to keep them short and easy. The trail at Point Dume Natural Preserve was perfect for all of us!

We covered the entire trail in less than an hour, stopping many times to enjoy the views, take photos and just be silly. Wildflowers were in full bloom. Surfers were looking for good waves. Sunbathers were sprawling out on their cliffside perch. We found a staircase leading to the beach and could have easily spent another hour molding the sand under our feet. But we weren’t prepared for that (oops forgot the towels) so we climbed to the very top of the bluff for one more sweeping view of golden sand and glittering sea.

Every time we visit Malibu, we make sure to stop by Malibu Seafood for a meal or snack. The jumbo shrimp cocktail is paired with the best cocktail sauce in the world. Tangy with a kick. I’ve tried to recreate it but my version is not even close. If you love fried foods (who doesn’t?), split the fried oysters with someone. Deliciously and indulgently crispy. I love a good clam chowder and theirs is the right amount of creamy and full of fresh ingredients. In fact, any seafood that you order here tastes very fresh, which is exactly why we keep coming back to this place!

Seating is outdoors on a modest patio that overlooks the highway and the ocean. Ambience is rustic. Time feels slow. Mood is always sunny, even on an overcast day. We bring a bottle of wine and some plastic wine glasses and this becomes a meal to remember. Sunshine caressing our shoulders, kiddos by our side, wine and chocolate milk cheers, seafood with a little sea breeze… now that’s a good day in LA!


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  • Vivian

    Such a gorgeous family, I love seeing pictures of your boys! They seem so happy and they look super stylish too (they’ve got it from their mommy ;)). This place looks incredible too, perfect for a day out with the fam! I wish Wai and I could also do this more often, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate here..Hopefully we will get sunny weather in May :) Love your outfit btw! It’s comfy but oh so chic!


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