Life Lessons at 40

Hi guys! I took a break. I didn’t mean to. In December, I was busy cranking out holiday outfit posts, shopping for Christmas presents, attending festivities and nursing illnesses when I caught the mother of all flus and completely shut down. Then I had to hop on a plane to celebrate my 40th birthday in Cabo and it seemed like the perfect time to just…

Relax. And drink margaritas, sleep, eat tacos, read books, go swimming and relax some more!

It was so awesome. Cabo might be my new favorite place in the world. Simply because it is beautiful, the weather is summery in December, refreshing alcoholic beverages are plentiful, the guacamole is always top notch and it’s a quick 2.5 hour flight from LA, which makes it a feasible getaway for busy parents.

So what’s it like to be 40? Well, it’s definitely not 20. And it sure feels older than 30. Everyone (older) keeps telling me that 40’s are the best years of your life! But my body feels prone to aches. And I’m raging a battle against the army of wrinkles invading the smooth plains of my face. I try not to examine my facial skin too closely because that typically ruins my whole day. Week even.

So is there anything good about being 40? Well, yes. Everything I’ve experienced in each of my 40 years has made me a more enlightened, thoughtful, humble, hard working and loving person. I am my best self today because of all those experiences combined. Am I perfect now? Heavens no. I still have much more learning to do. But don’t you see? The beautiful thing about this age is that I am now aware of how much I’ve grown and how much more growing there is to do in life.

So what are the learning lessons that I value most in my 40th year?


I never knew a love like this until I had my two boys. Though parenthood is the toughest experience in the entire galaxy and history of mankind (!!!), it gives you the gift of knowing the truest, deepest, most magical meaning of love. It’s like I peeked behind the velvet curtain and there really is a wizard back there. The most glorious wizard decked out in diamonds so shiny that seeing her (yes her) is blindingly beautiful but also a little bit overwhelming. Having this love in my life is the greatest responsibility that I have ever known and how I step up to this responsibility is what matters most to me lately.


It turns out, I don’t need much of it to be happy. When I was making lots of money, I was just working a lot and feeling perpetually tired. My opportunities to make fun memories with my family were limited and opportunities to have hobbies and be creative were pretty much nonexistent. All that money just spoiled me into thinking that I needed a fancy house with lots of fancy things in it. At 40, I’m happy living with less and having more time to enjoy the view. I only need enough to provide a good education for my kids and indulge in a few experiences that make life feel a little more special. Like, fresh sushi, live music, memorable trips with family and friends… and celebrating milestones in amazing places like Cabo (heeey!).


Life is full of opportunity but it does not fall out of the sky and into your lap. You create your own opportunities and you create your own happiness. No one will hand you the life that you want on a silver platter. Even the guy who wins the lotto takes initiative to buy a ticket in the first place!

Get up. Keep going.

I’ve been hinting that 2017 was a hard year for me. Boy, was it ever. My baby Nixon is on the autism spectrum. An autism diagnosis is not usually something to be glad about but I felt relief when the diagnosis came in. I did not just imagine that these years were abnormally difficult. I was near the end of my rope, my sanity tested to its core, when the knowledge came through and cast light on my chaos. With knowledge comes understanding and finally, a good plan and more patience to play the hand of cards that I’ve been dealt with.

At 40, I have experienced enough tough times to learn something important about this journey. It’s the hardships that bring out the best in you. What will you do when you are down in the dust? Will you raise your white flag or will you get up and keep going, even though the going is rough? If you are brave and look very closely into the eye of the storm, you will see that there is a learning lesson waiting for you. Take it, and grow.

Location: Marquis Los Cabos; wearing bebe dress c/o.


  • Laura

    Firstly Happy 40th Birthday to you! You look absolutely incredible and do not look 40 at all :)

    An inspiring post and it looks like you had a wonderful time in Cabo, I’ve never been however it looks beautiful, those sunsets look dreamy!

    Your life lessons are inspiring, love is key and it’s important to cherish every memory you have.

    I am saving your post as it inspired me :)

    You look so gorgeous in your outfit and hope you had a truly blessed time!

    With love,

    Laura! xo

  • Truc Nguyen

    Lizzy, I love your lost! So eloquently said and heartfelt. Your observations are universally applicable no matter what type of life we currently have. It’s everything I’ve been meditating about as I turn forty – humility, love and compassion are key. I too try not to look to close at the mirror – but focus on the beautiful, timeless qualities we’ve acquired by continuing to grow and learn. I miss my 20s and 30s but am welcoming my 40s with the confidence and contentment that comes with understanding oneself a little better and others as well. Looking forward to fabulous times with you in our 40s! xoxo

  • Truc Nguyen


  • Jen

    Hey Liz! The pic of you in the marigold bebe dress by the pool is my fave of all the images you have posted on your site.
    And your message rings true to me about the things that matter in life! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more of your stories.

  • Jannet

    This post got me teary eyed by the time I finished. I’m so beyond lucky and blessed to have you as my sister. You have no idea how much I have always looked up to you and how proud of you I have always been. You are my inspiration and I love you for it! Thank you for sharing!

  • Vivian

    Happy belated birthday! You’ve probably heard this a lot, but you don’t look like 40 at all! Your life lessons are inspiring and I can totally relate to what you have said about love, money and opportunities. Last month I turned 30 and I also learned a few like being positive about my body, having quality time with my loved ones and learning to say ‘no’ more often. I’m glad you’re back Liz, you are truly amazing!

    Vivian x

  • julie

    Thanks for sharing, Liz. It felt like you were speaking directly to my heart. You’re amazing.

  • Ann

    Keeping it real, in the best way possible <3

  • Jen

    Happy very belated Liz! Love this post so much and how authentic and open hearted you show yourself. You are beautiful always. Enjoy the 40s. So far it’s been good to me.


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