Growing Older and Some Lessons in Life

I’m 39 today. I wish it were a typo but it’s really true! The beauty of this age is that I’m finally old enough to have a little wisdom. And what’s the point of having wisdom if I don’t share it with everyone I know. On my blog! So here we go, a few lessons in life that I’ve picked up along the way to the edge of my thirties:

Be kind. This is rule number one. No explanation needed, just spread love! Always!

Be bold. I don’t have many regrets in life but I sometimes replay the moments when I could have been braver, more vocal, more gutsy. Age has given me the desire and confidence to live as fearlessly as possible and I am grateful for that.

Have honor. Follow through on your promises, show up when you make a commitment, keep your intentions and actions honest and you’ll become someone that people admire.

Give without expecting anything in return. The moment your heart gives freely is when love pours into your life. I knew this to be true the day I became a mom.

Have a margarita or two. Take a bubble bath. Watch a romantic comedy. You’ll feel so much better!

Do something that makes you feel slightly nervous and uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to push myself to speak up in a group of strangers or take on a project that I know nothing about but so much personal growth occurs outside my comfort zone that I’m always glad that I stepped out.

And just in time for the new year, keep making those resolutions! Even if they’re a repeat from prior years, don’t give up on the goals that you believe will have a positive impact on your life.

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