“Let There Be Light”


When I was a little girl, the most treasured toys in my small collection were 8 Barbie dolls, 1 Miko (Tropical Barbie’s Asian sidekick) and 1 very lucky Ken. I know, that’s a lot of Barbies for one little girl but I loved the pretty dresses that they wore and you can’t have a real fashion show with 1 or 2 Barbies, can you? Tropical Barbie and Miko always wore one-piece swimsuits and I could tell that they were a little jealous of Jewel Secrets Barbie, who got to wear a glittering ball gown, sparkly statement necklace and 5 karat diamond earrings (such a show-off that one). Because mama loves all her children the same, I started snipping off pieces of fabric from articles around the house to make dresses for Tropical and Miko. Perhaps the craftsmanship of these dresses suffered from lack of formal training but OH, the designs were all there! Soon enough, Tropical slinked down the runway in her new floor-length strapless gown in a rich blue hue with ruffles trailing artfully behind her while Miko was the first of the crew to flaunt a flirty peplum skirt with an edgy, asymmetric hemline that defied her “Island Friend” image.

Creative activity, like forging fashion forward pieces for Barbie models, was humored but never encouraged in the house that I grew up in. Asian moms tend to value seeing straight A’s on report cards more than any other activity. Or maybe that was just my mom. Or maybe my mom just didn’t like snippets of fabric disappearing from her household items…

Fast forward 25 years, I find myself in a dark place. Except that, this “dark place” was a plush office equipped with mahogany furniture, glorious views of downtown LA and a personal assistant seated outside my door. I worked as a corporate lawyer at a large firm for 6 years and before that, a financial analyst for another 4, and though the benefits were lovely and the experiences educational, the years of dedicated paper pushing made me feel a little bit dead inside.

Until I gave birth to Lucas and then, Nixon! These boys are pure light! When they smile, I am overwhelmed by their joy. When they sleep, I am breathtaken by their beauty. And sometimes when I remember the simple but amazing fact that I created these lives (with a little help from hubby of course), I feel inspired and inspirational all at once and think that a life of unlimited possibilities is still right in front of me.


I am starting this blog, stylewich, to write about the things that I love and create ideas that lead to more creative ideas with the HOPE that feeling like a creative person again will bring more of this wonderful LIGHT into my life.

By the way, I miss these gals:


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  • Jannet Kwon Yu

    Wonderful blog!!!! Love the nostalgic trip down memory lane into childhood Barbie days! Can’t wait to read what’s to come!

  • Diana

    Congratulations on your first blog post! I’m excited to follow, be inspired, and maybe even be more stylish!

  • Jane

    Yay!!! This is truly wonderful!! Can’t wait to read and follow future posts!

  • jenny

    Yay to Jewel Secrets!

    Congrats Liz, beautiful post!

  • Chris

    Shoot for the stars kiddo!

  • MomOfThree

    Oh, I love your blog, you beautiful mama! Keep it comin’ girl and inspire us!

  • MomOfThree

    Can you give us some play date outfit posts?!?! I always wear gym clothes. Also, kid birthday party outfit ideas? What are moms supposed to wear to those anyway?

  • hellen

    You always surprise me and make me so proud to know you. Looking forward to this blog and future posts.

  • Karen

    Congrats, Liz!!!!! :) I’m so excited about your blog and happy for you! I can’t wait to read your future post!

  • Candice

    Liz, congratulations on your first blog post! You are always such an inspiration to us girls! I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to more. Love the photo – so gorge!

  • Truc

    Congratulations on your first blog post Lizzy! So excited to have access to your creativity and inspiration on a daily basis! Love your outfit! (And you look stunning btw) Please let us know where you got that awesome belt!

  • Kat

    Congrats on rediscovering your true passion! Looking forward to many more inspirational stories in life and in fashion!~

  • Jongmin

    Congratulations, Liz! Look forward to reading more blogs!

  • Sarah

    congratulations on stepping back toward the light!

    and i think your story is one that so many women (and men) understand, especially asian-american. happy to see another person do what she loves!

  • Ann

    Do what you love, love what you do–and look amazing while you’re at it! <3

  • Christine

    What beautiful inspirations to bring you to this point. Already bookmarked! Go Liz!

  • Victoriasecrets

    Lizzie!! I’ve missed reading your thoughts all these year! I miss everyone in our Xanga group! I’m glad you started blogging again!! Not only should you blog, you should talk more about your boys and your experiences as a mother of two. Diana should start a blog too!
    Create a fashion blog for your little boys as well. I want to know that you take pride in dressing them up!!

  • Suzi Oh

    Congratulations Liz!!!! You look beautiful & this is such a wonderful time in your life. How exciting!!

  • Han Mi

    Wow Liz congrats!!!
    Since we were kids I knew you were destined for greatness and here you are. So proud of all your accomplishments.

  • erin

    your blog is gorgeous, unni–just like you! i’ve always admired your creativity (i remember those shirts you used to decorate for us with fabric paint)! i look forward to reading your posts and hope that your fashion sense somehow rubs off on me. haha. love you and can’t wait to see lucas & nixon again.

  • Spurrma

    Thank you for your blog article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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